Weight Loss

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Welcome to my weight loss post. in this post which I haven’t fully update yet and I plan to come back even more later is to give you the status of what I’ve been doing and how it work for me. And for those you don’t know I have lost about 60 pounds since the summer doing a mix of things that have work for me. ¬†they plan to tell you all about on but first and foremost are make sure I just put my results out there as I go along so that if you do know about me or know about what I’m doing you can stay up-to-date with it. I also plan to create a YouTube video with it at some point to share and discuss even more and show physically the results because it’s not easy to lose 60 pounds. but I managed to make it easy for myself so that I didn’t have to have a big traffic lifestyle change and I didn’t have to go to the gym 5 times a day heck I didn’t even have to work out. yeah let that sink in because that was the craziest part that I found it I can’t wait to share with everyone. Overall Im really exciting stuff coming here in this post and I will be back soon to write up more but just know that I will be more happy to share all my results and am excited to show you how I did it

My Measurements  1-24-2016 3-07-2016 6-29-2016 11-16-2016 1-01-2017
Weight 270 260 279 253 229
Waist 41 40 41 39 36
Belly button 44.5 43.5 45 42 39
Hips 46 46 48.5 43 44
Thigh 26.5 26 27 27 25
Arm/Bicep 16 15 14


I will be updated this blog in the weeks to come on how my numbers from above came to be.