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Setup Guide


This guide is really bare bones so far but I wanted to make sure I at least put out the links. Couple weeks ago I ran into the problem that many developers may feel my pain on here. I had to many new versions of apps, code , projects & frameworks that I was lost in what was causing my issues. For example skype stopped working and would not connect to anyone. Next thing you know my selenium server refused to stop working. The more I tried different versions of java the worst it got. To top it all off my favorite feature of being able to call & text from my mac book stopped working. Nothing I did made a difference which just made it all a nightmare.

I thought well this is a perfect time as any to wipe. Start fresh with a brand new copy of Sierra. What better than to document the whole thing as I go to install everything. You know what took the most time was finding all of the proper links to share downloads with because it got to a point where everyone tried to automate there site so that I couldn’t see windows or linux options. Since I was building this guide it was a little annoying because the more I realized it they were all forcing my experience, yes I get at the same time it was supposed to help me out. What ever I got all of the links below which should lead you to the install for every operating system unless its a mac only app.

Things I need to do going forward since this is just my first take at this

  • Sublime Plugins
  • How I reset to factory on my mac
  • What the end game looks like
  • How I streamline my process with my code
  • How I excel with the mean stack js
  • Add the rest of the apps i use
  • Add apps other people recommend potentially if its a good recommendation

You see lots of good things to talk about. Please if you have a question, comment or concern please leave a issue or reach out to me

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