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Welcome to my top 10 rules I live by blog post. I have a much larger list of about 100 rules that I live by and govern Myself by every single day of my life.  it dawned on me one day that I had a set list of rules and actions paste off certain scenarios that happened to me that I didn’t even know I had.  I figured I should probably write that down seeing as I didn’t know what it was either myself I just realized throughout the days that I reacted to certain things the same way. below what you’re fine is my top ten list I have lost more . below what you will find is my top ten list That I live by on a daily basis.

My Top Ten Rules I live by

  1. Golden rule – Treat others how they want to be treated
  2. It’s not I can’t if you truly want it then it becomes how
  3. Karma – Pay off in the end – also a Btch
  4. Don’t dog it until you try
  5. Be obsessed or be average
  6. Honesty and being up front – speaking my mind – instead cheat the devil and tell the truth
  7. Follow the process – There are no shortcuts to love ,health , wealth  and happiness
  8. Don’t settle
  9. Always admit to your mistakes in life and look to rectify them
  10. Learn how to learn to educate yourself