Productive Guide

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Do you want to become more productive? There are times that I’m naturally productive. I set out to figure how did I get into a productive mindset. Here are the list and the video I have come up with.

More to come here soon


Checklist of things that help me become productive

  • Headphones – beats – youtube playlist
  • Bathroom
  • Monster energy – treat
  • Water
  • Posture
  • Close other distraction & limit them
  • Have a list know what to do
  • Be up on your Mineral & vitamins
  • Be aware in the environment  or comfortable
  • Be determined & driven
  • If procrastination give self an alternative goal
  • Kanban flow
  • Journal before to get thoughts out
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Dress is how you feel
  • Thoughts of being positive
  • Observe excuses
  • Stretch
  • Clean work area
  • Pomodoro
  • Try to nullify outside factors
  • Blue light glasses
  • First task of day is done

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