Daily Routine

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An essential part of anyone’s day is their routine. Naturally, human beings are drawn to patterns to repeat what they’ve learned over and over. It only makes sense to me then to have a great morning and evening routine to set the day up for success. I want to use this post primarily to talk about my morning & evening.

The morning, the first one to two hours of the day can set up success or failure for the rest of the day. Now that’s not to say you can’t have a bad morning and have a great rest of the day. More often than not I’ve experienced having great mornings which lead to productive days and have had bad mornings that often turn into average days. I’ve developed a small checklist for myself gathered from a different resource like Tim Ferriss, John Sonmez, Tony Robbins & Many Others.I’ve taken this list and vetted it out for myself. While still taking in some of the things that other great people have done. I want to note with this list that I can’t accomplish everything every day it’s almost impossible at times but no matter what I always try to achieve minimum of two to three every morning and evening

Let’s get started, The first thing I do every morning when I get up is make the bed now. It seems like such a simple task to add to the checklist, but it’s so powerful to complete within the first minute of waking up. I proceed to do ten reps of either push-ups, sit-ups or squats. More often than not I choose the push-ups because I enjoy The feeling of the blood rushing through my body and that’s not to say I don’t feel that over other ones but it’s not as noticeable. Next couple things I do kind of coexist together, but they’re separate at the same time. The first one being sitting down and breathing for 3 minutes. I recently got it Apple I-Watch that has a breathing app on it which has made this technique in the morning simple to accomplish. It is also made it more powerful and at the same time more relaxing to do it lets me take the time to explain my thoughts and think about nothing else than my breathing.

Taking the breathing a step further I will in my next step try to walk around the house and concentrate on my breathing for about 3 minutes. In doing this, it helps me start moving and thinking about actually letting myself just be in the moment of it’s another day. I get a chance to succeed in whatever I choose to do so that day. At this point, I can interact interchange what I do next most of the time I primarily take a warm shower at this point. I will use his cold shower as a priming techniques that I gathered from Tony Robbins that sucks in the morning. But the results from it are phenomenal for me because it gets me going almost instantaneously it wakes everything up and gets my mind running. Primarily running with “I got to get the hell out of the shower instantly.” On average I stick out the cold shower in those mornings for about 60 to 90 seconds, and I wash up quickly because no one wants to be in a cold shower, but it works. Do some research on this one here because there are a ton of potential benefits I am not going to cover.

The next thing I do, this will change based on a per person. That is I drink a Propel or zero calorie energy drink, and you’re probably wondering why do you do that. Well, it’s simple for me I can’t drink Coffee or tea because it’s just one of those things I’ve never adapted to or acquired The Taste for and I still to this day think coffee tastes like …….. I’ll leave that part out for all of you coffee lovers.

The last thing I do every day to finish my morning is to take the time to journal. Journaling is proving to be the most powerful change I’ve made in my life to help me be successful at whatever I’m doing or trying to accomplish that day. I want to take you through some of the questions that I ask myself every morning and tell you a little bit more about it and see if you wanted to add it to your practice. The first being what I am grateful for today? This question I only allowed five categories to be answered in the first being in a relationship that helps me or valued me, the habit that that has helped me succeed, an opportunity I have today, something great that happened yesterday or something simple near me or within sight.The real point of this question for me is to reflect and look forward with something from the past that helped me out or something that I see they can just make my day. We should lead me right into my next question, and that is what I can do to make today great? Often people forget that they’re in control of their lives. When people get angry or mad, it’s only by their choice. Just remember for that one second that you’re in control of how you respond. This question can help you out immensely figure out how to put a smile on that day because you’re in control. The next is Daily Affirmations which is just a statement saying I am …… using this technique helps give yourself more confidence and more belief in yourself that you can achieve or do whatever it is that day. What I’ve noticed is over the last two months I can look back in my daily affirmations and find that it describes me as a person on what I feel on a day-to-day basis about myself. Remember when your writing these feelings out you’re trying to be the best version of yourself. Whatever you write here will happen, that’s what makes this question compelling because if you can believe you can do it. The next two are what should I focus on today? What goals or action items stuck in my head?(Todo List) The attention is great so that you have it written on what you should care about today most. Having the goal stuck in your head is never fun for anyone so right in them down as a great way to allow you to move forward and think about other things throughout the day. Next is a simple question it’s more about what is in your mind or a stream of consciousness of whatever is on your mind. Seeing you write it down so you can almost eliminate from your thoughts and move forward with whatever else you need to do. I want you to know I don’t always fill out all of these questions. I try as often as I can to do all of them. More often than not it ends up being three to four a day and this is a specific one that gets often skipped because I don’t always have things that are stuck in my head but when I do this is a great one to utilize. The next question is what am I stressed about? If I can write it down and label the emotion, the feeling, or the stressor. I can then come up with a plan to try and help myself overcome the stress which is the real point to help you get past it. I can’t stress that question enough haha no pun intended; it can assist you with your emotions and feelings to just label the emotion so that it’s not emotionally more it becomes a word that you can easily attack and move past. The next question is what creative things are on my mind. Personally, I’m an engineer with super creative and Innovative ideas here. The most compelling question of all is meant to help you reflect and look back at what you have learned. I could go off on a tangent here and show you all the great people and life who have failed miserably only to gain the most power and success in the world but I won’t. I’m simply going to tell you that if you want to go to the next step and success and your life and the path you’re on you must look at your failures and learn for them to move forward. Success is not a great indicator of what you learned success as an indicator that you’ve either got lucky or something right, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work again. You must experience your failures, understand them and move forward with new knowledge.

I’m going to lump in here my midday and end of the day because these two things aren’t exciting or as big as the morning, but the same time they are still important. Most of my mid-day I follow processes that I put in place and these processes make up the routines.I have processes in place to help me accomplishing tasks, become productive, weight management & rules to live by of life. I will go over those processes more in depth in other posts.

Lastly my evening routine it’s pretty straightforward and simple, and it has been known in recent months to change from night to night even though I am aware that it breaks out of the routine. I’m trying incredibly hard to keep it in a routine. Before getting ready for bed, I look back at my journal that day. To review the day and goals to see if this is what I wanted to get done. Taking a moment also to write down anything else is stuck in my head. I don’t have a set list of questions for the evening it’s more of a conscious stream of whatever I’m thinking is what ends up in the Evening Journal. The next thing I tried to incorporate is reading above, and this one’s been difficult to handle for me because most of the things I want to know just gets me more excited which makes me want to stay up such as Tim Ferriss his “Tools of the Titans.” I also take this time to clean up anything I’ve messed up during the day whether it’s my desk the kitchen counter or anywhere I’ve left a mess. Now I don’t mean like a deep cleaning a great example as I try to make sure my desk is clean so that the next time it is ready to go. The last thing I do if my evening routine is I try to lay out the clothes for the next day so that everything is ready for my routine.

My routine is how I’m living my life. I choose to follow routines because I accept that we as humans crave for constants in our lives and routines for that matter. I have developed the mine to adhere to what works for me precisely things like The Morning Journal and the ten reps of something. But overall journaling has shown me that I can set up my day for success that being in 2 hours or less. Dare I say that the morning is the most critical time of the day to set yourself up for success. I also want you to know that I don’t get everything done really on a good day I get three to four of my tasks are checklist done even whether it’s in the journal or just the overall list of things to pick from typical day gets just a few in it. And I think that’s perfect for me because I’ve learned what can work for myself and what I can do to try set myself up for success that day. For those you reading on this far, I challenge you to start making your list figure out what works in the morning start messing with your team because you will see great improvements in just subtle changes such as ten reps in the morning making your bed or even starting your own Morning Journal.

The power is in your hands you have the ability to change everything you say or do. And that’s starts with how you approach the day with yourself and your routines. Please if you heard anything from this article go forward and learn how to make the day a positive, successful experience for you on your path of life.