I am Jason Humphrey

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Who I am.

Jason Humphrey

User Experience Software Engineer

Jason Humphrey is an full stack development, entrepreneur and investor. He is a professional programmer and engineer working in Node js, Angularjs, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Mongodb, and Jive. He is a full stack developer, with a special emphasis on and passion for MEAN stack.

In college, he played basketball, making it to all the way to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen tournament. Jason brings the same passion to his front-end development and coding that he showed on the basketball court. Jason excels in the programming world for the same reason he killed it playing ball: he has a head and heart for solving complex problems. On the front end, Jason styles websites and apps with an appetite for developing fun and next-level functionality. When he isn’t coding, catch him at the basketball court.





How I work.

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